Royer Brands International S.A.R.L. (a division of Groupe Royer S.A.) purchased the Von Dutch brand in 2009 with the mission of bringing it back to it's roots and rightful place in American pop culture. The Von Dutch brand took a short break, as  the team put together a plan on how to re-tool and bring Von Dutch back to the global population with all the American flare that it's founder based the company on.

Timing is everything.  Nostalgia, Americana, cool fashion that is creative and soulful borne out of grass roots America is today's sensibility.  There is no better time to bring Von Dutch back, as this crazy cool brand captures the essence of all those things.  The Von Dutch brand is a juggernaut of style and captures the essence of what was so cool in a fashion rich period of time in the history of the USA.

The future of Von Dutch has been methodically planned out by our Von Dutch team and those plans have been set in motion across the planet. We currently have strong licensees in the United States of America, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Italy, and Brazil. As you can see Von Dutch is coming out of hiding and will soon be loud and proud again, the time to join the Von Dutch Family is now!

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-Von Dutch Licensor Team