The Art of Von Dutch

Al Quattrocchi & Jeff Smith spent close to four years developing the book called “THE ART OF VON DUTCH”. Spending an un-godly amount of hours researching, gathering imagery, on the road and speaking to the people that had  true relationships with Von Dutch. From those efforts came what we at Von Dutch call,“The Von Dutch Bible”!

There main mission was to set the record straight on Kenneth Howard’s contributions to American art and Pop Culture. With over 400 pages in The Art of Von Dutch book and over 1,000 images of Von Dutch, his friends and his work you are assured to understand who & what Von Dutch was about. The first thing you will notice about his book is that you simply cannot go page by page, it’s a funny thing. You open the book and just start paging through all the amazing pictures, quotes and find yourself saying things like “I NEVER KNEW VON DUTCH MADE GUNS”! From the garage to your coffee table this book is sure to find a place not only in your home or office but in your heart.

We at Von Dutch felt a real need to help spread the word about this book, in working with Tornado Design Von Dutch played a very large roll in launching the second addition of The Art of Von Dutch. If you have ever wanted to own a show stopper coffee table book this is your book. The image of Von Dutch on the cover lighting his cigarette with a blow touch seem to capture the attention of just about everyone. As Von Dutch the brand we take these books to our trade shows and events in order to share brand awareness, the response have been amazing. The great thing about this book is that even if you knew Von Dutch, I am sure that you will find something you did not know about Von Dutch.